There are various ways to get your prescriptions at Well Close Medical Group

Online repeat prescription orders

You can order repeat prescriptions online 24 hours a day 7 days per week.  Please refer to the online services section to register for this service. Order online now

We have changed the way we take prescription orders to a more secure system. To use the new order form, you will need to call in to the surgery to obtain a username and password. Once you have done this, click on the link above to make your online order.

Repeat prescriptions

All repeat prescriptions are computerised and you will be given a request slip listing medications you can order without seeing a doctor. Requests can be made by ticking the items which you require. This repeat prescription slip can be handed in to the prescription desk or sent by post with a stamped addressed envelope.

To order a prescription by phone pick option three from the menu.

Prescription collection service

The surgery operates a prescription collection service with all the local chemists. If you tick to identify your preferred chemist at the bottom of the repeat prescription slip the prescription will be sent directly to that chemist. You can then pick up your tablets directly from the pharmacy without having to collect the prescription at the surgery. This service is also available online.

Emergency medication supplies

Sometimes patients run out of medication unexpectedly and need an emergency supply.
Click here to get more information of the services that a pharmacist can provide in these circumstances.